Complimentary 20 minute online audit + strategy

Is your brand scaring away potential customers? Do you spend hours tweaking your website without any increase in visitors or new leads? Want to make improvements to your online presence but have no idea where to start?!

Then it's time for some virtual tough love (and strategies to fix it!)

You're a savvy business owner and I have no doubt that you can create your own Canva graphics and make updates to your Squarespace site. But do you have a strategy in place or are you simply procrastiniating and hoping random fixes here and there will grow your brand?

Cause *Truthbomb*, without a clear strategy in place and a system that is proven to work, you simply cannot grow your impact online. You may think your saving money DIY'ing but *reality check*, you're wasting your most valuable asset - your time.

No BS online audit + strategy

It's time to take your brand seriously and put some strategies into place that are guaranteed to get you results. Perhaps all you need is a clearer call to action, or maybe your about page isn't engaging enough? Maybe you need more consistency in your insta posts or perhaps you don't have a simple funnel in place to capture your audience and turn them into paying customers?

How would you like to work side-by-side with a brand strategy expert that only has your digital back? Someone that has built her own brand (and the brands of countless clients) from the ground up? Repeat after me: You don't have to go it alone!

I say it's time (and Bon Jovi agrees) to stop "Livin on a prayer". Now, who's with me?!

I'm all in!

What you will walk away with 

100% FREE strategy call

No-obligation 20-Minute brand Strategy Session Call ($150 Value)  

Action plan

An action plan to move forward with your top 3 priorities to focus on to grow your brand.

Doesn't get much better than this (if I do say so myself)! I can't wait to help you take control of your brands future and get the results you deserve.

Sounds too good to be true?! Well, it is (kind of)!  

This offer is exclusively available to just the first 10 bookings this month.

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Reviews from Our Community 

“Kady is a dream to work with, who doesn't just go that extra mile, she does it with joy and a smile. Any changes or challenges on the project were treated as if it were her own baby. I trust her and can't recommend her enough."

- Brenda Janschek, Health and Lifestyle Advisor

“Kady impressed me from the start. Intelligent and brand savvy, she understood my business from the get go. She is always happy to listen to my instructions and talk through ideas."

Sally O'Neill, The Fit Foodie

“I needed fresh branding and a website that was a true representation of me and the work I do. I also needed to be able to work with someone who could translate and understand my ideas and thoughts on what I wanted and hoped for with it all! Everything I wanted became possible and I feel super grateful."

Tara Castellan, Edit Wear Love 

Your branding partner in crime

My mission is to empower savvy business owners (just like you!) to attract their dream clients through strategic branding that stands out from the crowd. I have used my online presence to successfully launch my own business and brand which has been featured in Latte Magazine, League of Extraordinary Women and 9 Honey, and amassed a targeted social media following of over 9,000 engaged members of my community.  

I have launched my own cookbook which has been nominated for a GOURMAND award and gifted to Meghan Markle & Prince Harry by a wedding guest. I have also launched bestselling books for countless clients. I know first-hand what it takes to build and engage with a loyal tribe, sell out of books and have a waitlist for your services. Now my passion is to teach you how to do the same.  

Kady x