Find your authentic voice, build an engaging online brand and attract perfectly targeted paying customers in just 5 weeks time.

(without wasting hours of your valuable time on strategies that don't work, the constant overwhelm of not knowing where to focus or nightmarish tech hang-ups)


If you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, coach or expert looking to generate more income while attracting clients that are perfectly aligned to your business then you already know that you need a stellar online presence to achieve this.

So I'll spare you the lecture.

I'm sure you are more than aware that to stand out from the competition (WITHOUT ever having to compete on cost), then you need a brand that's worth talking about. 

You've seen those other brands online that seem to attract their dream clients so.. effortlessly. You know the ones. Every post generates countless likes and comments and you just know that they are receiving JUST as many leads.

You've probably also read all the stats about how people buy from brands they know, like a trust and you know that showing up online consistently is the only way to do this.



But here's what you might not know..

Even if you are lucky enough to have an established business that get's decent referrals or you have a small online presence that you are trying to grow.. having an engaging, impactful and expert online brand with a strategy to keep growing gives you:

The ability to charge a premium for your products / services Once your authority is established within your niche, you become the go-to expert and become a sought-after brand. This means a significant difference to your bottom line.

Choice and freedom to choose the clients and projects you want to work on With a steady stream of leads and an engaged audience that is actively seeking you out, you will never have to compromise on your values ever again. You choose how you spend your time and only do the things that light you up. 

A consistent stream of leads and a steady cash flow You'll never have to worry about being 'salesy' again. With an influential online brand, you won't have to pitch or chase clients in the traditinal way. You create valuable content that attracts your dream clients effortlessly.


Even though the reasons to pursue an engaging and unique online brand are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.  

Perhaps you have already experienced this first hand. You've joined instagram and given it a red hot go for a few weeks. Commenting under countless images, using hashtags, figuring out the best times of the day to post. But in the end, you just can't justify the amount of time you are spending faffing around without any real results to show.

Before you know, you have yet another fire that needs to be put out working IN your business and your efforts get shelved.

Here's why most would-be stand out brands get side-tracked Without a super clear step-by-step roadmap to follow, working on only the things that will bring them proven results and having a funnel in place to ensure all of their efforts aren't wasted, it falls flat every time. 

Here's why this is detrimental to any business As a time-poor small business owner, with clients to keep happy and daily fires to put out, you literally cannot afford to waste one moment on something that is not proven to work. You don't yet have the resources to hire multiple experts to make sure what your doing is going to get results.

Most brands don’t think about branding and they end up blending into the background. When that happens, all you can compete on is price and you do not want to go down that road.  

But this gives you a huge chance. An opportunity.  

YOU can intentionally create a brand that you know will touch the heart of your dream client and spark their minds. Doing this will put you so far ahead of the competition that they become irrelevant. And another little secret? This whole process can be easy and FUN. 

And with your permission, that is what I would love to show you how to create..





The five week expert-led implementation program that will take you from zero to a fully launched engaging online brand that attracts and converts dream customers.

I've taken all of the knowledge and skills I have refined working with my high-profile clients and in growing my own business and I've curated it into a step-by-step educational program complete with live implementation that will not only teach you key strategies and concepts but will also provode the tools and resources to take immediate action.

The end result: An engaged audience, a steady flow of leads and clients, a clear strategy and more TIME to spend on the things you love in your business.

#BRANDFLUENCE is the first program of it's kind that..

  • Is a one-stop-shop filled with all of the experts you need for an impactful online brand
  • Uses rapid implementation at every step so you make immediate progress
  • Uses a fool-proof step-by-step roadmap to follow, along with done-for-you resources that allow for immediate results

Here's how it all breaks down..

1. The full Brandfluence online training program (value $1,597)

Each week, you will receive short and sharp training videos on how to build an online brand that connects. Plug and play templates to help you get it all done in an easy and stress-free way. 

Module 1
Your brand

2. Office hours phone support with Kady (value $400)

Each week, you will have access to Kady to brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot issues and get the accountability you need to achieve your goals and authentically connect with your dream audience.  

3. A supportive private facebook group 

This will be your dedicated support network and a chance to connect with a like-minded community that will be going through the process right there with you.  

The Brandfluence promise

Brandfluence is the only program of it's kind and has been designed specifically for determined entrepreneurs that are 100% committed to growing their brand and impact in four weeks flat. Our community is extremely supportive and motivated and we are committed to keeping the energy and positivity high. When you join, you will become part of a very special community.

After 10 days in the program, you will have done your 1:1 online audit and consultation with Kady, you will be part of our facebook group, have done another troubleshooting call with Kady and received all of the training videos and implementation documents from Module 1: Your brand.

Which means, you will have gotten to experience the quality of training and support this program promises. If you experience all of this and you still don't feel that you are a great fit for the program, you can contact Kady personally at to get a full refund. 


  • 1:1 brand strategy call with Kady
  • Online course with 4 modules and over 30 training videos
  • Access to the tech vault library
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Kady
  • Email support for the entire 5 weeks
  • Supportive community facebook group with live weekly Q+A
  • BONUS: Website audit and pointers
  • BONUS: Done-for-you design and copy templates
  • 1:1 brand strategy call with Kady
  • Online course with 4 modules and over 30 training videos
  • Access to the tech vault library
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Kady
  • Email support for the entire 5 weeks
  • Supportive community facebook group with live weekly Q+A
  • BONUS: Website audit and pointers
  • BONUS: Done-for-you design and copy templates

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